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Wes W.

“I will forever be indebted to a friend that insisted that I see Debra Ogilvie, Au.D. at Richmond Hearing Doctors.”

“An intensive audio exam showed that I did need help. Life has always been good to me and now with hearing aids a good life has gotten even better!”

Ron W.

“Kim Imajo,I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the help and care you have given my aunt and mother.”

“As the sole care provider, I know your professionalism, judgment and advice can be trusted without question.”

Steve Christensen, M.D.

“I send my patients to Dr. Ball because I am confident in her knowledge of audiology.”

“She truly has the patient’s best interest in mind, and I have all the faith that she will find the best hearing aid for each individual.”

Lynne B.

“I am truly enjoying my ear candy!”

“I am enjoying hearing all sorts of new (or forgotten) sounds—and layers of sounds—and it is like hearing in color instead of black and white.”

Judy G.

“I never settle for second best—that is why I choose to trust my hearing to Richmond Hearing Doctors for the best care.”

Jennifer Carter Horton

“I had the privilege of working with three of these doctors for 4-7 years.”

“I would not hesitate to send my family, friends, or complete strangers to them for help. They are a special blend of experience, knowledge, compassion and honesty. Richmond is lucky to have them.”

Diane A.

I started seeing Leah before she started with Richmond Hearing Doctors.”

“Leah is WONDERFUL! She’s got great experience and is so knowledgeable about all the different types of hearing aids. She has tuned mine exactly to my hearing needs. She’s not just a doctor, she is my friend. Thank you, Leah. I can’t live without you.”

Tom M.

“I have been a client of Dr. Debra Ogilvie since 1999.”

“She twice has helped me select hearing aids that enhance my ministry and my personal quality of life. I am pleased that she has provided the same professional service to friends of mine who have accepted my referrals.”

Sandra H.

“Richmond Hearing Doctors has been a life saver for me.”

“I was going to another hearing clinic that didn’t seem to want to help me when I developed a hole in my eardrum and my hearing had diminish greatly. Dr. Leah Ball showed great compassion and was extremely helpful in selecting hearing aids that allowed me to hear again. When I have problems with my hearing aids or just don’t seem to be hearing as well as I want all of the Richmond Hearing Doctors have been willing to work with me. I am extremely grateful to Shelley for alerting me to the practice of Richmond Hearing Doctors. Shelley is a favorite of mine!“

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